Farming Simulator 15 Official Expansion Download

Farming Simulator 15 Official Expansion free download

In 2008 there was a first edition of Farming Simulator. It was created by Swiss studio Giants Software GmbH. The producers proved that constructing simulators is something they love to do and they do a great job in programming them. From the times of the first instalment, there has been several consecutive editions of the game. All of them met huge and very positive feedback from the side of fans of this type of simulators. Nowadays fans of impersonating a farmer will have yet another incredible piece of game to test in the Farming Simulator 15 Official Expansion. Publisher: Focus Home Interactive. Platform: PC Microsoft Windows. Release date: 29.10.2015.

Farming Simulator 15 Official Expansion Download Game PC

This is full version game + DLC Official Expansion

Farming Simulator 15 free download

Abaut Game

In Farming Simulator 15 the player had to deal with many novelties, among other things the introduction of additional scenery of Northern Europe. While farming Scandinavian areas, there have been a lot of forests that revealed for the player a lot of possible activities – felling trees and other, similar tasks that are dependent from the person that manage the woods. In Farming Simulator 15 we also learned several other diversifications, like for example the appearance of brand new machines.

We can still see the tendency to introduce new locations as well as vehicles and tools in the addition. That is why it is worth to look at this. What kind of novelties are waiting for us in the expansion to Farming Simulator 15? Learn more – Farming Simulator 15 Official Expansion Free links for free, where new options are waiting for you to test in the most popular farming simulator in the world.

New areas in the game

The owners of Farming Simulator 15, who tests this official addition, will have to familiarize with brand new, interesting maps that create vast possibilities to act. Our play a farmer game will at the same time be a gripping journey into the terrains of Eastern Europe – we will learn new scenery that will distinguish from the ones we saw in previous parts. The huge advantage is a large terrain we can use. It gives us the chance to have a long, absorbing gameplay in the company of our beloved simulator. The player, similarly to previous editions of the cycle, will have the task to cultivate lands and breed cattle, and after that gather crops as well as manage the entire agro-business.

If you want to see for yourself how eastern areas of the Old Continent really looks like, and to see where the player will conduct his agricultural enterprise, we recommend using full version of Farming Simulator 15 free Download installer. In terms of graphics, the game presents very nicely. There are a lot of details that have been improved. The landscapes, buildings, and even other objects have received new, improved appearance, what is yet another argument that speaks for the latest production entitled Farming Simulator.

New scenary in Official Expansion

Except for new scenery, in the official addition to Farming Simulator 15 the player can expect to see the whole arsenal of the highest class vehicles and agricultural tools provided by such acknowledged producers as: Zetor, Farmtech, or Rostselmash. The machines we received are very realistically replicated that distinguish with huge precision, and the work with the use of them is a perfect gameplay and at the same time the possibility to test your skills as a farmer. Do you want to see how easy it is to operate combine, tractor, and the truck? See for yourself how the real work on the farm looks like thanks to Farming Simulator 15 Official Expansion game PC sources. Sit behind the wheels of agricultural vehicles and test if they are easy to tame.

Generally speaking, one can say that this addition to Farming Simulator is a successful production. While previous instalments had some issues, every consecutive part made the series even more polished. Farming Simulator 15 Official Expansion presents almost ideally.

Farming Simulator 15 Official Expansion free Download – Full Version PC

Farming Simulator 15 Official Expansion download

System Requirements

System: Microsoft Windows Vista, Windows 7 or Windows 8
Processor: 2.0 GHz Intel or equal AMD-Processor
Memory: 2048 MB RAM
Storage: 5 GB available space

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