Farming Simulator Series

Farming Simulator Series – is a collection of games in which we play the role of a farm manager. We develop a farm, buy equipment, fertilizers, seeds and other necessary items. The game was created by GIANTS Software studio with Focus Home Interactive. Now we’ll begin! Discover all parts of the game:

Farming SimulatorFarming Simulator 19 Download

Farming Simulator 19 is a gameplay that is still designed by GIANTS Software group of programmers. It is destined for PC and consoles. This time the authors of the game offer us much better graphics engine and much more advanced open world, which can be explored by us even further. Do you want to take the role of a harsh farmer-businessman once again, whose goal is to develop his farmstead and modernize machines? Then use Farming Simulator 19 Download links right away!

Countless attractions and impressions

The game is filled with novelties in every field. We’ve got hundreds of vehicles at our disposal. When it comes to animals, horses appear in the game for the first time. We can also participate in numerous side missions as well as modify the appearance of our hero. What’s more, there are three huge locations at player’s disposal. Thanks to these treatments, the game is constantly surprising us with new things and surprises us with new challenges, even the experienced players.

Technical issues

PC version is available in both single player and multiplayer game mode (where there can be up to 16 participants). The game impresses with its three-dimensional graphics and solutions that are rich in details.


Farming historyFarming Simulator 17 ROPA Download

Farming Simulator 17 ROPA is an expansion to Farming Simulator 17 which was brought to life thanks to the cooperation of GIANTS Software studio with French Focus Home Interactive group. The addition will work with the connection to basic version of the game. As in case of other games from the Farming Simulator Series, this one is ruled by the principle of realism and the thought of every detail. The sub-title ROPA is a connection to the make of new vehicles that will appear in the game. We will see 6 of them, and their functions will focus mostly on cultivating potatoes and beets.

Elements that don’t change

Graphics in the addition Farming Simulator 17 ROPA hasn’t changed and it is the same as we can see in the basic version of the gameplay. What’s more, the main idea of the game also stays the same and the ways of earning virtual money as well. As a farmer, our job is to make sure that the plants grow healthy and the animals are well-fed. Once again we are getting the whole arsenal of agricultural tools at our disposal, together with accessories and machineries.

New vehicles in the extension

As mentioned before, there are 6 of them. We mean here Keiler 2, used for potatoes gathering, Maus 5, Tiger 6 XL, PR-XL 9X45 (all these three are destined for beets collection). We can also find here Transport Trailer reaper as well as Nawaro Maus multifunctional device. Try out modern machines right away – build your agricultural empire! Use Farming Simulator 17 Ropa Download and try out new options in the traditional edition.


Farming Simulator free seriesFarming Simulator 17 Platinum Edition Download

Farming Simulator 17 Platinum Edition is a game released by GIANTS Software for PC platforms. This instalment of agricultural simulator of everyday life can be treated as a standalone game or also as an expansion to Farming Simulator 17. This option will certainly be interesting for the fans of simulating games.

What is the gameplay all about?

In Farming Simulator 17 Platinum Edition we basically do everything we could do in previous versions of the game. We are the owners of farmstead and we perform jobs that are strictly connected to it. If you never had a chance to plow fields, milk cows, or ride a combine, then necessarily use Farming Simulator 17 Platinum Edition Download installing device. Make the dreams come true!

Attractions for the players

In FS17 Platinum Edition the players play in South America for the first time. We can get to know its amazing climate right away. From now on, we have the option to cultivate fields with sugar cane, and use a number of different, new machines, like for example CASE IH A8800 MR combine. In order to increase revenues, we can also complete side missions.


Big Bud for freeFarming Simulator 17 Big Bud DLC Download

Farming Simulator 17 Big Bud DLC is an expansion to Farming Simulator 17. Together with base version of the game, it will make the solutions applied in the game much more attractive. This addition was composed by the authors of other games from this Farming Simulator Series, which is GIANTS Software studio. As a standard, we take the role of a character of rancher, who makes a living by growing plants and breeding animals. There are various tools and technical innovations at our disposal. We can gradually modernize our farmstead.

What new things can we see in the addition?

The expansion owes its name to the new machines: Big Bud 450 and Big Bud 747 tractors. Do you wish to sit behind the wheels of these gigantic tractors and ride around your property, looking after crops? Use Farming Simulator 17 Big Bud DLC Download and try your skills in a difficult agricultural craft.

Additional information

Gameplay, besides already mentioned titular tractors, also offers other machines like for example Great Plains YP-2425A or Tazenbichler Terminator TH18. The addition is also connected with ebook entitled: “Farming Simulator modding for dummies”.


Farming Simulator 17 free downloadKuhn DLC gratis

Farming Simulator 17 Kuhn is an addition to Farming Simulator 17. The addition received its sub-title thanks to the introduction of 18 machines from Kuhn company. We receive here such machines as seeders, combines, or lawn mowers. If you wish to try out new vehicles as a modern farmer, then use Farming Simulator 17 Kuhn Download links! Build your agricultural machine. The expansion can be launched with the base version of the game. The addition, just like other Farming Simulator Series, was created by GIANTS Software.

The realities of rural life and monotonous work

In the game we learn the work of a farmer from the basics. The plants need to be taken care of in all phases of the development – from sowing up to harvesting. We are responsible for taking care of our own living inventory as well as the introduction of technical innovations in or workaround. In this instalment the gameplay was improved by changing lightnings and the appearance of machines.

Start business

Any and all actions in the game are subordinated to one primary goal: to generate profits. In this way, we have got the opportunity to make an extraordinary career and take another challenges! Join the gameplay today and discover your new passion!


Farming Simulator 17 downloadget free farm series

Farming Simulator 17 is yet another instalment of popular simulators of rural life that GIANTS Software studio offer us. The idea of the game is very clear – we have to work on the farmstead and make a living. If you too wish to take the role of a virtual farmer, cultivate plants, breed animals, and constantly develop the business, then use Farming Simulator 17 Download! There’s nothing simpler than that! Begin your farming career right now.

Basic information

This instalment of a simulator was released simultaneously for PCs and consoles. The publisher of the game is famous French Company we all know as Focus Home Interactive. In terms of visuals, the game presents very esthetically and is much better refined than previous instalments. The gameplay works in two game modes: single player and multiplayer game modes. It is possible to purchase your own tools to your farm and use solutions that were created by other players.


In Farming Simulator 17 we gain new crop options (radish, soybean, sunflower or poplar). There are also new machines we can fix and improve. There is also an option to take a tool in leasing. What’s more, cargo trains are available for the player for the first time in the history of the Farming Simulator Series. What’s more, there is also an innovative system of soil fertilization. All these facilitations create very interesting and well-shaped composition.


series Farming Simulator freeFarming Simulator 15 Official Expansion 2 Download

Farming Simulator 15 Official Expansion 2 is an addition to a base version of FS15 that was also created by GIANTS Software studio. The expansion is compatible with Farming Simulator 15 Gold version of the game.

The combination of classics with news

In the gameplay we accomplish tasks that are similar to the ones we could see in previous, very popular instalments of simulators. As a farmer, we have to cultivate plants, breed animals, sell crops, and constantly modernize our farmstead. The expansion offers us the range of new vehicles of such makes as Holmer, New Holland, or ITRunner. Do you wish to feel like a real agricultural tycoon and climb the farming career ladder? Use Farming Simulator 15 Official Expansion 2 Download! All the best guys in this profession started from nothing.

A valuable guide

An additional advantage of offered expansion is a professional guide called Farming Simulator Modding For Dummies. This is a countryside living simulator with its benefits and downsides. A perfect gameplay for everyone! That is why it is worth to try out your strength in this difficult profession,


Farming spiele kostenloseFarming Simulator 15 Official Expansion Download

Farming Simulator 15 Official Expansion was prepared for the users of PC computers. It is quite expanded addition for the game Farming Simulator 15. In the digital version it is also available for PS4 and Xbox One (known under the name Farming Simulator 2015 Gold Edition). PS3 and Xbox 360 versions are rather limited in terms of visuals, so it was entitled Farming Simulator 15 Silver.

New challenges

In the game, as it usually happens, we take the role of a farmer, who needs to plow the field, harvest crops, or breed the animals. The addition offers us; however, much more new solutions. If you too wish to test more than 20 added vehicles of such makes as Zetor, Tatra, or Farmtech, and take care of land areas that haven’t been available up to this moment. Use Farming Simulator 15 Official Expansion download, try out open locations in Eastern Europe and begin your farming journey.

Two in one

The simulator of farming jobs is a perfect entertainment, where there is one goal – to make money and expand your business. Every player can, therefore, try it out and become a genius strategist.


Farming Simulator SeriesFarming Simulator 15 Gold Edition Download

Farming Simulator 15 Gold Edition is a functional package that includes Farming Simulator 15 and its addition called Official Expansion. The addition is the GIANTS Software studio authorship, and it is available for PC platform. The gameplay allows us to paly in single player game mode and multiplayer game modes (up to 16 players connected by local network or Internet).

The old way

In the addition there aren’t many elements that change. We take the role of a farmer, who makes a living by working on the farm. We perform the range of agricultural works like for example cultivating plants, breeding cattle, taking care of home animals, and modernizing gear. If we like physical activities and we are not afraid of hard work in countryside, become the professional rancher! Use Farming Simulator 15 Gold Edition Download and have fun while developing the profitable business at the same time! It is all up to you how large the revenues can be.

Novelties in the addition

The extension equips the player with the range of new machines of such makes as Tatra, Zetor, or Rostselmash. Wide Scandinavian locations are also available, so each and every fan of the game will surely find something for himself.


free download farmingFarming Simulator 15 Download

Farming Simulator 15 is yet another instalment of popular farming game. Is provides us with the opportunity to move freely in the presented world in both single player and multiplayer game modes (where up to 16 players can be found in one location). The plot is rather simple – we still play as farmers, we still have to manage our farmstead, and we still have to find a market for all the things we produce. This production was issued by GIANTS Software and just like previous ones, it is very likeable by the fans.


This time we have got two different farming areas to choose from (we can see a typically Scandinavian region, where we can see a hard conditions). There is also the possibility to manage the words, and there is a pressure washer for the fans of new equipment. Try out your strength in farming skills with use Farming Simulator Series right away! Thanks to that you can drive with real farming vehicles and discover the real source of money.

Learning and fun in Farming Simulator Series

Simulator of working on the farm develops the prediction skills and it supports the economic thinking skills. We can also find out whether the work on a farm is really so easy.


Titanium Edition version gratisFarming Simulator 2013 Titanium Edition Download

Farming Simulator 2013 Titanium Edition is an exclusive expansion of the simulating fame Farming Simulator 2013. In practice, it means that the users of PC and MAC computers will receive the solutions that the owners of PS3 and Xbox 360 previously shared. Basically, it means that the setting of the game stays the same, because we still impersonate the farmer, whose goal is to work hard, develop, and modernize the agricultural farm.

What does Titanium give us?

Titanium version will take us to the American realities of farms, giving us up to 150 new vehicles at our disposal. Do you feel like testing the gear from such companies as Horsch, Kramer, or Krone? Do you wish to see if you can manage to get high revenues and expand your business? Get Farming Simulator 2013 Titanium Edition Download and test yourself in difficult agricultural craft.

Possibilities of the game

The game gives us the chance to test ourselves in single player game mode and in multiplayer. In a realistic way it presents dilemmas with which the people, who work on the farm, need to struggle. It also lets us delve the mysteries of this arduous work. Our efforts and commitment can, however, pay off in the form of impressive career path Farming Simulator Series.


Farming Simulator 2013 Ursus downloadFarm 2013 Ursus Download

Farming Simulator 2013 Ursus is an expansion to the game Farming Simulator 2013 that was produced by German company GIANTS Software. If you too feel like getting to know a life according to a day and night cycle of nature, and you wish to cultivate plants, breed cattle, and use agricultural vehicles, then use Farming Simulator 2013 Ursus Download links and become a progressive owner of a land estates.

Ursus vehicles

The game faithfully replicated the vehicles from local make Ursus. It is a real treat for all the enthusiasts. Among many machines, one can find here the true treasures such as C-466 or C-380 tractors. We can also hope for more modern vehicles.

Simulator of rural life

The addition is based on Ursus license and it perfectly diversifies and makes the game more attractive. It is all about seeding plants, harvesting crops, and acquiring goods that can later on be sold. The popular farming simulator is also the chance to create a virtual business and implement your own, authorship economical strategies. The better revenues, the bigger satisfaction and larger possibilities of expanding the farm.


Farming Simulator 2013 free downloadFarming Simulator 2013 Download

Is yet another Farming Simulator Series of games that present us an everyday life of farmer, whose goal is to create plants and take care of cattle in order to obtain proper benefits and modernizing the farm. The game was produced by German studio GIANTS Software, and it is the first part that had its premiere on multiple platforms.

What’s new? Farming Simulator Series

Compared to previous versions of the game, we can find here improved graphics. They also took care of many details, especially new animals and new gear. There is also a changed system of plant cultivation together with additional options, like for example crop rotting. The game, just like its predecessor, uses the system of variable weather conditions and day and night cycles. The game is available in a single player career game mode and multiplayer game mode.

The advantages of living in the countryside

The game faithfully replicated the characteristics of agricultural profession. If you dream about it, and you wish to feel like a real estate tycoon and develop your own empire, then use Farming Simulator 2013 Download and become the real champion in agriculture.


free farming gamesFarming Simulator 2011 Download

Based on PhysX engine, Farming Simulator 2011 is yet another gameplay from the series of simulators that imitate the life of the owner of agricultural land. The game, similarly to previous releases, is based on the principle of realism, the system of day and night cycles, and changeable weather conditions. However, contrary to previous releases, the game from 2011 provides us with a lot of novelties and facilitations.

Improvements in the game

Surely better graphics is something that will catch our eye. The career path is now very expanded. We can also see the multiplayer option. The novelty is the possibility to breed cattle and acquire, among other things, milk or natural fertilizer (to this moment the Farming Simulator Series was based solely on cultivating plants). We can use modern tools and vehicles from Poettinger, Horsch, or Vogel&Noot companies thanks to official licenses. Are you sure you can take the challenge and create a thriving business from a backward farm? Use Farming Simulator 2011 Download and test your strength! Become the business shark that can turn a clod of earth into a gold.

Educational functions of the simulator

The game teaches us to develop business strategies and making difficult decisions that regard interests. Planning and prediction skills as well as focusing on constant development plays important role in here.


Farming Simulator 2009 free downloadFarming Simulator 2009 Download

Simulations of rural life have been incredibly popular throughout recent years, expressing the will of sentimental return of a man to the fundaments to some extent. Farming Simulator 2009 is one of those gameplay instalments, where we take the role of an owner of vast estates. The game was produced by the studio from Germany, GIANTS Software to be precise. The gameplay is characterized by a large dose of realism, what is surely one of its strengths.

Development of your own business

In the game, we grow plants (taking into account all phases of the growth, namely from sowing to harvesting). We also have to take care of proper storage of our crops and their sale. There is a possibility to use a number of agricultural machines, including tractors, combines, plows, and cultivators. Additionally, we perform special missions and tasks. If you wish to feel like an invaluable strategist, who plans all the farm work and at the same time climb the business ladder, use Farming Simulator 2009 Download links! Become the real expert in cultivating crops or vegetables. The game offers huge perspectives of building new agricultural empires, and prepared plants can be a source of ineffable satisfaction.

Game options

The simulator has been equipped with a day and night cycle and variable weather conditions. Additions to the game offers new vehicles and tools. The surroundings of the farm are also interesting (we mean here the village, minor shops, fishing port, and mystical stone circle shrouded in the aura of mystery).


Farming 2008 DownloadFarming Simulator Classic Download – Series

Farming Simulator Classic is a game produced by Garman company GIANTS Software. It is a pleasing gameplay that simulates the ups and downs of everyday life of hardworking farmer. Although it may seem the game is child’s play, it is nothing further from the truth. We are dealing here with hard work on the farm and issues with which the real farm owners need to struggle. As you can guess, there will be a lot of issues. Preparing home-grown beds has little to do with idyllic rural experience.

The principle of realism Farming Simulator Series

The authors of the game have primarily focused on authenticity. That is why all the activities, tools, or vehicles are replicated on the ones that the farmer uses in real life. Are you familiar with hard work, effort, and driving tractors? Then you should be using Farming Simulator Classic Download! Gather all the crops after your work. Our goal in the game is to cultivate plants and sell crops with profits.

Variable weather conditions

The game has a well-developed system of weather options. Obviously, we can’t change things like sunny or rainy weather. However, we can adjust the character of our activities to variable atmospheric conditions. We can, for example, protect the plants from getting destroyed. The simulator allows us to feel like a real farmer, who has to make important decisions, like for example choosing the right fertilizers or using the right equipment. Th game also includes the career system, a system that distinguishes days and nights, and the option to expand the catalogue of vehicles by acquiring new ones in virtual reality. Open world of the gameplay makes the game interesting and attractive.