Farming Simulator 17 Download

Farming Simulator 17 download

Farming Simulator 17 is a well-known to almost all players series of farming simulators created by developer Giants Software which has been extremely popular since 2013. The major task of the players is running and managing the farm in a broad sense. Therefore, we are responsible for the land cultivation, animals breeding, harvesting and sale of the crops. Our aim is a steady development of the farm so we have to extend the cultivation or purchase new machines. All the parts of the Farming Simulator series succeeded on a large scale, therefore it should not be a surprise that Farming Simulator 17 is a game which you have to download necessarily.

Publisher: Focus Home Interactive. Release date: 25.10.2016. Platforms: Microsoft Windows PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Mac OS. Genre: Simulation game.

Farming Simulator 17 Download – Full Version PC

Farming Simulator free download

What to expect? Review

Farming Simulator 17 will certainly satisfy all the people who have had the pleasure to manage a virtual farm so far. A new edition of the game transport us into the farming world where, as farmers, we have to make important decisions connected with the functioning of our entire farm. However, most of all, we have to start from getting the most crucial tools or machines due to which we will be able to work profitably. Primarily, it is all about seeding and sowing particular plants and also about their subsequent harvesting, transporting and selling, of course.

Once again, the game was designed by Giants Software group which, due to gained experience, knows very well how to satisfy allegiant fans of the series. Therefore, undoubtedly this new edition, i.e. Farming Simulator 17 free games, is worth getting, similarly to all the previous parts. Not only will these players who know the game very well be fascinated, but also the ones who will play the game for the first time.

Improvements in Farming Simulator 17

Although many people think that the next part of the series is a continuation of the previous ones to a considerable degree and does not introduce anything new, it is crucial to pay attention to a lot of details which were improved and make the game not only more interesting but also pleasing to watch. Due to introduced improvements, managing our farm is definitely easier. What to favour, then?

In Farming Simulator 17 there is a possibility of the cultivation of two new plants, i.e. soy and sunflower. Incredibly important is also an option of doing particular tasks using your own hands instead of heavy equipment. Many players have been waiting eagerly to move wood on their own what can be done without using any machines. However, it is not all because, apart from profits from selling of the crops, we can also earn some additional money for doing tasks delegated by other farmers. Of course, they are led by an artificial intelligence but such earning will satisfy many players undoubtedly.

And what about machines available in the title? Farming Simulator 17 allows us to use over 200 machines coming from 60 licensed producers. Among them, there are the ones well known from the previous parts of the series and the ones that are completely new. Of course, look and technical parameters of the vehicles can be changed by the players but an option of leasing of particular machines in the showrooms is something completely new.

All these possibilities make us get Farming Simulator 17 PC Download link necessarily because this game gives us a lot of fantastic options. What is the frosting on the cake is the fact that, among them, there is a possibility of transport of the large-size goods with the use of goods train.

Technical parameters – what is new?

As far the graphic engine itself on the PC Windows platform is concerned, it is the same as in case of the previous parts of the Farming Simulator series. What was changed is the look what is visible in case of machines and their lightning. Moreover, in Farming Simulator 17 we use maps well-known from the previous parts of the game, however, a new location on the Pacific coast was added. There is no question about boredom because all the game improvements make that it is a huge adventure again.

FS17 / Farming Simulator 17 free Download – Games PC

Farming Simulator 17 download

System Requirements

System: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
Processor: 2.0 GHz Intel or equivalent AMD dual-core processor
Graphics: Nvidia Geforce GTS 450 Series, AMD Radeon HD 6770 (min 1GB VRAM)
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Storage: 6 GB available space
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