Farm Expert 2016 Download

Farm Expert 2016 free download

Farm Expert 2016 is the next edition of the popular game genre for free download. We play the character of the farmer gaining control of the chosen farm. This position is a little less known among the players that other flag representatives of the genre. Despite this, simulator created by Polish developer studio PlayWay fulfills all the requirements set for this type of position. What is interesting is the fact that in Poland this game is also entitled “Farm Simulator“. Publisher: Ravenscourt. Platform: PC Microsoft Windows. Release date: 19.06.2015.


Farm Expert 2016 Download – Full Version

Farm Expert free download

Mechanics of the game

As in any farm simulator, in Farm Expert 2016 we play the character of the farmer who gained control of the farm and is supposed to expand it. Our task is an animal farming, cultivation of particular plants species and economic managing of the farm. The advantage of this position is a sizeable number of implemented machines which exceeds 170. What is interesting, each of them is licensed what puts a huge realism of the presented machines (it concerns both the look of the machines and the way of driving them).

The next advantage of Farm Simulator is a huge number of available farmlands which oscillates about … 80. There can be many kinds of cereals, beetroots, potatoes and many other cultivated plants. A big tribute from the creators associated in PlayWay is the possibility of planting fruit trees. So if you want to try out yourself also in this field, necessarily get Farm Expert 2016 free link on your computer and try out yourself not only in the role of a farmer but most importantly as a fruiter.

Farm Expert 2016 has also a very complex system of animal farming. Contrarily to the other simulators, their number is relatively huge and involves cows, horses, goats, sheep and ducks, obviously. What is interesting, each of the animal species can be fed with the use of different forages what transfers to even more complex gameplay.

Game modes

Similarly to most of the modern farm simulators, also Farm Expert 2016 provides us with two basic game modessingle and multi. Multiplayer mode enables us to cultivate one field by many players. So if you want to share your own crops with other players, necessarily get Farm Expert 2016 free Download link co-manage a chosen farm with the others. You will find out that this is far more pleasant than reaping the harvest alone.

Graphic setting

Farm Expert 2016 is not only a more complex game mechanics but also more advanced graphic interface. A well-developed editor was also introduced which enables us to generate complex three-dimensional items. A strong side of the entire position is also a physical engine which, contrarily to the previous editions of the series, was developed considerably. So if you want to check its potential, you have to get Farm Expert 2016 pc games link and start an adventure with your own farm world.

Farm Expert 2016 free Download

Farm Expert 2016 Download

System Requirements

System: Windows 7, 8, 8.1 or better
Processor: Pentium Dual Core 2,2
Graphics: DirectX11, 1GB VRAM (shader model 5)
Memory: 4 GB RAM

System: Windows 7, 8, 8.1 or better
Processor: Pentium Dual Core 3,2
Graphics: DirectX11, 2GB VRAM (shader model 5)
Memory: 8 GB RAM

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